Q. Tell me about yourself Cody.

A. I have been living in Ottawa many years. I am goal orienated. I believe in setting goals and creating a schedule and I am committed to achieving my goals.

Q. I heard the real estate market has taken a down turn.

A. Really! Ottawa has historically been a stable market. This means that there is an equal amount of buyers and sellers.

Q. Once we decide to sell. what's the difference between you and other agents?

A. We have all taken the same real estate courses and have the same MLS services, but still there is a big difference between agents. When I am selling a home I focus on 4 areas:

1. Processing: We all do the same things that include putting the listing on the MLS services, sitcking a sign on the lawn, placinng ads and putting the property on the internet.

2. Marketing: it is a key factor in selling real estate that makes one salesperson more successful than another. Before I list a property, I show my client exactly what I will do to sell the property.

3. Follow-up: I strongly believe in good client follow up. I always call my sellers at least once a week to update them with any inquiries. 

4. Negotiating: Is an area of my expertise. Skills in this area comes with experience. I have the experience.